Welcome to Pubdiz. 本網站由 生物醫學資訊研究所 林明錦 MD. PhD. 負責維護

Welcome visit Pubdiz web site. This web site extracts the biomedical knowledge from PubMed and Taiwan National Insurance Database, offering scientific researchers the explicit and implicit information. This web site currently provides two categoris information.

First, we provide the association relationship between Gene and Disease by calculating the conditional probability of Gene term and MeSH term from PubMed articles. By querying Gene term or MeSH term, the users can derive a set of MeSH terms or Gene terms from PubMed articles ranked by conditional probability. For example, the users input "breast neoplasm", they can derive a set of genes related with "breast neoplasm" and ranked by conditional probability. Besides, the users also can check the gene term from original PubMed article to get the advanced information.

Second, we provide visualized and large-scaled statistic data of Taiwan National Health Insurance Database (TNHIDB) from 2000 to 2002. Currently, we provide the Age-Stratifid data to represent the relationship between Disease, Age, Gender and Season factors. For example, the users query "Cough", they can derive a "HeapMap", representing the relationship between each factor.(see more)


To manipulate the large-scaled TNHIDB, we adopt Globus Grid technology to segment and reduce the size of database on twelve Apple mini computers . Besides, we successfully develop several java library to cooperate with Globus Grid environment to facilitate the calculation.

* This website only for research

*8823231 articles are collected from PubMed by querying keyword "HUMAN"

* Gene names are tagged by ABGene from Lorraine Tanabe and W. John Wilbur


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